What does it mean to be successful in business?

Being successful.  What does it mean to you?

For a long time I had a misguided belief. I wanted the icons of success to ‘appear’ successful to others. This was all about increasing my status and trying to appear professional. #unhealthy

I have done a short video on the subject


Wanting the fast car and boat is not wrong, we are social creatures with a hierarchy and wanting to elevate yourself is natural. But… there is always someone richer, stronger, happier. So I believe that pursuing the icons of success is a flaw I had. Anyways wanting more!

I got so wrapped up in the vision of the future that I thought I wanted I forgot to enjoy the journey of getting there. We all rush around at full speed racing to the finish line we forget to enjoy all the nice things in life we pass on the way.

So take some time out.

Enjoy the journey and make sure you are headed where YOU really want to go.

I did. I took me 12 months from realising I was head in the wrong direction to getting back on track. But I am happy now, content with myself and less stressed as a result.

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