Walking in Greenland – A travel megalapse

When I go away and travel I take a lot of pictures, and I mean a lot. Sometimes I take shots of the same thing to play with composition and light.

But often I take a series of pictures of movement through a scene where a video would be too slow. I then stitch the pictures together in a time-lapse to animate the pictures. It’s also a great way to summarise the trips pictures and the trip as a whole.

Here are most of the pictures from my recent trip to the Arctic Circle and walking the 165km Arctic Circle Trail.

Greenland is a Danish colony so we started in Copenhagen, which is quite an interesting city. The following day we traveled out to the airport and after a 4-hour flight we landed in Kangerlussuaq. It’s a small town which used to be a USA air force base. Its population stands at 500 and Kangerlussuaq is the only airport in Greenland big enough to land a long distance aircraft.

From there we travelled to the Greenland Ice Sheet by 4×4 and grabbed our last fresh hot meal from the airport canteen. The following day we started to walk the Arctic Circle Trail.

165km of post glacial wilderness lay before us. Carrying all the food we needed, tents, sleeping bags and clothes we left the dirt track and started our 10-day journey to Sisimuit on the cost


So I can produce these videos quite quickly and it gives a taster of the trip while it is still fresh. Meanwhile, I can start work on the other videos and sort through the footage I recorded.

Stay tuned for more travel videos from our ‘Climbing Photographer blog from us and don’t forget to check out our channel on Youtube and our facebook page @theclimbingphotographer

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