4N Tamworth Breakfast gets creative

I heard that Sam Pratt from Captive North (captivenorth.co.uk) was coming down to Tamworth to give his 4sight called “Where’s my lightbulb?” all about being creative, so I headed along as I am a fan of his work.

Sam started off by telling everyone that they had a creative side to including those who thought they hadn’t. We spent the next 20 mins coming up with an idea to convey Buddy Bag Foundation’s mission statement.

Sam’s idea creation method works on word association rather than sitting around shouting out ideas and everyone got involved.

Start off with an item related to the product/brand. In our case, it was a toothbrush which is in every buddy bad the foundation provides to children in emergency care. You then list all the words the group can think of relating to ‘toothbrush’ and then pick one word which came out. This gives you word A. You then repeat the process for word A which gives you word B and C. You then think of ideas about word C and a random mystery item.

For us, we had the word ‘stars and sosunglasses. We came up with ideas about a new holiday, feeling safe, on a beech, young family and some self relection under a sunny and stary sky. This could be the basis of an ad or a video for the foundation

It was a very quick but a great way to get creative and think outside the box. Thanks to Sam for sharing the idea with us.


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