4Sight Filming

You’re an expert at what you do and you use 4sights to impart your knowledge and your story on to a room of people. People who have paid money to be there and listen to you.

But how do you use this to spread your message further afield?

How do you get seen by many more people?

How can you use the opportunity to showcase your skills and position your self as an expert in your field?


It’s all about your assets. Assets are films, videos, testimonials personal brand, showreels, etc that add to your credibility. Collecting assets by there nature will elevate your profile and present you as the go-to person in your field.

4sighting and keynoting is definitely an asset if you can prove that you did it. So why not get your next 4sight professionally recorded.

What you get

  • Multi-camera setup recording of your 4sight
  • Lapel radio mic to capture the audio
  • Professionally edited video file sent to you
  • Lighting setup for darker venues
  • Filmed at your 4sighting venue*

Optional Extras

  • Professionally produced Closed Caption (subtitles) file


We come to you from our base in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. The price includes travel to all 4N meetings within 40 miles of Wolverhampton.


You may not be quite ready or want to have a few more 4sights under your belt. That’s no problem. Book now and use anytime in the next 12 months.


All of our work is covered by our No Like, No Pay policy. If you really don’t like our work then well refund the cost, no questions asked.


I saved the best bit for last. Our early bird offer has sold out. However we only charge £197 to film, edit and prepare a multi-camera edit of your 4sight

The closed caption file is an optional extra at a cost of £20

So don’t miss the chance to get your 4sight professionally filmed.

Can’t afford it right now?

No problem. I don’t believe in the word “can’t” anyway.

I am all about helping others so I am sure we can find a way. I am happy, for example, to split the cost over a few months.

What next

* Pick the best 4N meeting for your 4sight to be filmed. Now there is no right and wrong place for this but things you might consider are

  • The ‘feel’ to the room. You might want somewhere bright clean and tidy.  Neutral coloured walls will help with lighting. Above all, you want somewhere that looks the part
  • Size of the room/space. You will need enough space for the audience and a for a few tripods. We don’t take up much space
  • Audience. You want the video to portray you as an expert speaking to a good number of people. Work with the organisers to get as many people there as possible.
  • Consider approaching a few people who will be attending to give you a testimonial after the event. A few video testimonials can add gravitas and make great assets.


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