Crossposting videos on Facebook – How and why you should

Crossposting on Facebook

Facebook allows you to upload a video to one page and share that video with other pages, this is crossposting.  But why should you set it up and what if you only have one page? Should you care?

Well yes, you should care. When crossposting was introduced it was a long overdue feature. The solution up to that point was to download the video and re-upload it to the second (or third) page. This means that each video had its own view count. You could also consider that it is duplicate content, something search engines don’t particularly like.

The benefits of crossposting a video are –

  • The video appears that it came from your page and not as a shared post.
  • All the data and insights of the video are aggregated together on the single video. This allows all parties to view the data and get a full picture of how the video is performing
  • The video can be used to create an FB advert and the advert views are added to the aggregated insights. This can add to the social proof (views and comments) of the advert
  • Remarketing – if you want to target adverts to people who watched the video this can be done regardless of which page the views came from.

For example: Say you are an events company and have produced a video to promote a future corporate event with some big-name keynote speakers. You can crosspost that video to the speakers so they can share the video with their audience. You can also share the video with the venue who can also use it to promote the event and their venue.

Or maybe we have created a video for you. We can set it up for you to crosspost the video to your page. This saves you having to upload a video, captions and thumbnail and to your customers, it looks like you have posted the video.

How to set up Crossposting on Facebook

Go to your page on Facebook, at the top of the page select Settings –> Crossposting. Enter the name of the page you want to crosspost to/from or copy the page URL.

Make sure the other page does the same as this has to be done on both pages to allow crossposting to be enabled.

How to allow a video to be crossposted

When you upload a video there is a crossposting tab on the popup that appears. Crossposting is disabled by default and can be turned on for each page your account is linked to.

This can also be enabled for current videos by going to Publishing Tools –> Video Libary –> Edit Video


How to find crossposted videos you can share

This is easy to find once you know where to look. You won’t find them on the video tab to start with, they are within Publishing Tools –> Videos –> Videos you can crosspost. From there you can choose a video and creat a post from it. Once shared it will appear under the video tab for your page.

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