Why is video bad for your business event

The video revolution is not going to be the next big thing. I think it’s already here and it driving down attendance at your business event. But that doesn’t need to be the case.

People need more of a reason to go out now than before and video is a great way to engage with your audience like no other media.

We have all this video that’s on demand and videos is way to communicate. We’ve ended up with a society where it’s okay if you miss a live event because you can watch it on catchup, you can watch it on Netflix, or you can go on Facebook on watch somebody live. So people need a reason to go out more than they ever used. If you wanted to go to the cinema to watch a film that’s great. Now we’ve got Netflix so why you gonna bother going out when you can just stay home watch a film. It’s affecting live events across the land. People need more reason to go out because they have video wherever they go.

But video is also the answer. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your event. To show people the rich environment and content you put out there on the day.

Next time you host a business event why don’t you use video to promote it? But don’t forget to plan any video before you set up the camera to make sure you get the message across in a coherent form. Try and explain or show how the delegates life will improve by attending your business event. Show them how their life is going to improve by investing their time and money in you.

They don’t need to be long or expensive, they just need to be watchable and enjoyable.

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