How your training workshops can have a greater impact

Why do you run your training workshops?

Some may say it’s for the money, the status or the gratitude and satisfaction

Ultimately you want to make a difference in people’s lives, even if that making a difference to your own family. You have a lot of useful information that you are dying to get out there to benefit your clients, to make a positive difference to them. To make an impact.

But it’s difficult to get people to take a day out of their business to come and learn from you. And when they do they take a few notes which they cannot understand when they look back at them days later

I’ve put together this short 36-second video to give you some ideas on how you can best use your next event to have a greater impact.

Let me expand on these ideas, be before I do it’s important to think about your workshop differently.


To maximise the impact of your events you need to gain as much as you can from each workshop for yourself. Yes, you already give great value to your clients with the content you provide but what do get for yourself? Assets. You get assets that you can use to:

  • promote your business and future events
  • elevate your reputation
  • allow you to review and improve your material
  • increase your credibility
  • prove your experience

And my tips revolve around collecting these assets so you can spread your message far and wide, sell more tickets and charge higher fees.

1. Audio

Grab a voice recorder and a microphone and record your workshop. Good quality audio is so versatile and can be turned into many types of assets for you.

  • The audio itself can be sold or given to delegates to save them taking furious notes all day
  • It can be used as the basis for a podcast or two if you have one.
  • Audio learning works great for some people and is great for clients who drive a lot
  • The audio can be transcribed and turned into a blog post or two or three.
  • I know, it’s painful to listen to your own voice to start, but that soon passes. You can then listen to your own workshop and critique your content like no other way allows.
  • Can be combined with the slides to produce a simple training video

2. Video

The video revolution is here. Your potential clients would love to get the look and feel of you and the workshops you host. Video is a great way to do just that and (providing you have a good mic) it will give you all of the benefits of recording the audio too. By capturing the video you will have

  • Video of your event to market your next event
  • Use the opportunity to gather video testimonials from your delegates while they are all fired up and excited about the change you are making in their lives
  • A ready to go e-learning course which you can sell to people who couldn’t join you on the day.
  • Give (or upsell) the video course to delegates who were there on the day to save them worrying about taking notes.
  • Footage of the content being delivered which will improve your credibility and reputation
  • Vlog posts, show the world that you are an expert at show the real you.

3. Photos

They say a picture paints a thousand words and I’d agree with that. Having good pictures of your workshop being delivered will give you eye-catching marketing material for social media posts, printed marketing. They also document your progress over time from your early days to the person you are now.

4. Testimonials

I mentioned it above under video, but I think it needs a separate mention. People like to know what to expect and having a who bunch of people singing your praises and saying how much of a difference you have made to them can do wonders. Why not take it a step further and gather a case study showing the massive impact your workshop has on the people who come along.

Feel like you need some help with any of the above? Drop us a line and we are sure to be able to help

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