Business Lessons from the Saddle – Momentum

This summer was spectacular in so many ways and I leaned so much. 

So much in fact, that I decided I should share what I learned on my bike with you. This is Business Lessons from the Saddle

I’ve come to realise that business lessons are all around us if you know where to look. I also realised that running a business is a lot like long distance cycling. 

It’s hard work and success is not guaranteed!

You also have to keep your momentum in business (and on the bike) as it is critical to get to where you are going.

So do what you need to do today, and the next day. Create daily rituals that help keep your momentum going.

Plan time for yourself, to develop and grow.

Just take a step at a time and keep on going.

You can do lots of things to keep your momentum going

  • Plan/record a video
  • Write a blog
  • Contact 10 existing customers
  • Approach 10 of your ideal customers
  • Share your content on social media
  • Comment and share on 10 posts on social media
  • Chat with someone in your network for 10 min
  • Write 10 blog/video post ideas
  • Rewrite one of your web pages
  • Pay 10 people compliments
  • Spend 10 minutes working on that new business idea
  • Reconnect with an old friend
  • etc.etc

Notice that these are all small little tasks, but they are tasks that will compound and make a difference in the long run and will help keep your momentum up.

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