Staying true to your audience

I probably wont surprise you that I have a few YouTube channels. Each channel has it’s own theme. I have one for my adventures, one for my business, a personal one and so on.

But I want to better serve you, as a business owner.

I want to help you make better video so that you can stand out from all the others in your industry by creating quality videos.

So I have created a new Channel for exclusive content to help you.

And this is an important lesson for us all.

Stick to the mission

I could have published the content on an existing channel but it didn’t really fit anywhere and would have risked alienating my audience.

It’s probably easier to think about your Youtube channel/Facebook Page as a TV series with each video being an episode. Each episode will follow on from the last and have a common theme

If you think of your YouTube channel as being an all encompassing TV channel then you are likely to get lost in your thoughts or lose your audience.

So stick to your mission as closely as possible

With that being said, here is my first video on my new channel specifically for business owners.

p.s. dont forget to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss an episode 😉

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