Dave Heffernan on Armed Robbery and life choices

This is David Heffernan telling his story. He spent time living rough as a young man because he didn’t want to be an accountant. He didn’t want to follow the career that had been chosen for him. As a result, he ended up founding a charity to help the vulnerable and homeless. After that he Read more about Dave Heffernan on Armed Robbery and life choices[…]

4N Tamworth Breakfast gets creative

I heard that Sam Pratt from Captive North ( was coming down to Tamworth to give his 4sight called “Where’s my lightbulb?” all about being creative, so I headed along as I am a fan of his work. Sam started off by telling everyone that they had a creative side to including those who thought they Read more about 4N Tamworth Breakfast gets creative[…]

Landscape Photography in Snowy Tettenhall

Landscape Photography in Tettenhall Unless you have been under a rock, or in sunny Spain for the last few weeks, you will have been affected by the recent snow in some way or another. Love the snow or loathe it. For us, the snow was a great excuse to get out and take some landscape photography Read more about Landscape Photography in Snowy Tettenhall[…]

Walking in Greenland – A travel megalapse

When I go away and travel I take a lot of pictures, and I mean a lot. Sometimes I take shots of the same thing to play with composition and light. But often I take a series of pictures of movement through a scene where a video would be too slow. I then stitch the Read more about Walking in Greenland – A travel megalapse[…]

TBNS – The Business Networking Show – 2017 – Official Event Photographer

If you haven’t heard of TBNS it is THE business networking show to go to. The day is jam packed with exhibitors and a speaker line up of big names. There are also breakaway rooms, breakfast networking, a massive buff table and lots more packed into Wolverhampton race course. And this year it’s free to attend Read more about TBNS – The Business Networking Show – 2017 – Official Event Photographer[…]

What does it mean to be successful in business?

Being successful.  What does it mean to you? For a long time I had a misguided belief. I wanted the icons of success to ‘appear’ successful to others. This was all about increasing my status and trying to appear professional. #unhealthy I have done a short video on the subject   Wanting the fast car Read more about What does it mean to be successful in business?[…]

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