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More and more people are choosing to watch video online so there is no better time to invest in video marketing for your business. However, video can be expensive in traditional business models, but we think it should be accessible to all. From sole traders to large companies, video is a great way to showcase your skills and expertise for your customers to see.

The human side to your business

It is often said that people buy from people and it’s true as much now as ever before. When you buy things it likely because you have similar interest or beliefs as the seller. You only know that because they have expressed what they stand for and who they are. Likewise, you have taken the time to listen to what they stand for.

Video is a great way to communicate the human side of your business. What you stand for, your morals, your ‘why’ and your expertise can all be communicated using video. Video also helps people trust you if they can put a face to your name

The problem with video production

DIY – Doing video yourself with your mobile

It’s easy to pick up your phone and start recording, too easy sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing better than filming yourself but to be effective and get your message across you MUST have structure. Without structure, your videos will become a waffling mess and your audience will drift away. The structure is key but you also need to consider the shot, sound, light and what the intention of the video is. So many videos miss the mark because they don’t get the basics right. Many are not even edited, its raw footage, which is fine if you can pull off a one take hit but most of us can’t. Plus no one wants to see you pressing the record button.

Then once you have filmed it and edited it what do you do with it. You have made a video, taken the time to think about the content to some degree, and post it somewhere. Where does it fit in your marketing, how can you use that video time and time again? Do the work once and leverage that work is a far better approach than constantly churning out mediocre videos.

The answer is to know all of this before you start recording yourself, have a plan and make video content your target audience value and they will thank you for it with loyalty and sales.

Employing a videographer

You know you want a video producing but where do you start? How many video will you need and how will it address your ideal customers needs?

Many people have an idea on what they want their video to look like but how does this fit into your wider marketing strategy. How can you use the video you have paid for time and time again and turn it into evergreen content?

There can also be a high upfront cost with video production

And that is what we are trying to change. We like to do things differently here and help out our customers where we can. Which is why we have launched a club for people like you who want to make better video.

It’s called commercial suicide. Not really, it called the Video Improvers Club.

The benefits of becoming a member of our Video Improvers Club

Giving you the power

We want you to make amazing videos that speak to your ideal customers. They don’t need to be blockbusters, but they need to convey your message and speak to your target audience and they will increase your sales. Our video club gives you the tools and knowledge to make great videos yourself, without costing the earth. So you know what you are going to film before you press record and how that video fits into your wider marketing plan.

We do this through our video improvers club, a place to learn everything that is worth knowing about mobile video creation for your business. We also have a more in-depth coaching program coming this year.

But if that seems all too much and you want a professional video filmed and edited by us we are making that as easy as possible for our customers. You get a membership to the improvers club with professional video prduction. You get all the advantages of having a professionally produced HD video with music, subtitles and narration but without the upfront cost, you simply pay for it over 12 months with our plans starting from £40 per month*

After the 12 months subscription is up you can choose to update your video, drop down to a cheaper subscription to remain a club member or cancel altogether.



Video Improvers Club
No minimum period
A club for business owners serious about using video but dont know where to start
Friendly and private community to push yourself into new ideas
Weekly and monthly topics to help you develop your video marketing
Video Marketing Strategy
Find the purpose of your videos
How to reach your target audience
What styles of video work for you
How to get your video noticed
Video lighting and sound tips and tricks
How to edit video using your phone
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Video Improvers + Production
Limited availability at this price
All of the benefits of video Improvers subscription plus
A professionally produced promo video
Upto 5 minutes in length
Recorded, edited and produced in HD
Upto 5 hours shoot time
Video planned and structured before filming date
Get a professional video and spread the cost over 12 months
Optional extras available - longer video | Drone footage | Multiple videos
Travel included **
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12 Week Video Marketing Blueprint
Fast track video - Launching soon
Suitable for those who want to get up to speed fast
Lifetime membership of Video Improvers Club
In-depth program to set up your video producing machine
Weekly 1-2-1 coaching session
Develop your video marketing strategy
Find and speak to your target audience
Weekly worksheets and downloads
Plus so much more
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* 12 months minimum contract. Terms & Conditions apply

** Travel of up to 100 miles from our head office in the Midlands included.




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3 Quick and Easy Ways You Can Create Better Video With Your Mobile

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