Dave Heffernan on Armed Robbery and life choices

This is David Heffernan telling his story. He spent time living rough as a young man because he didn’t want to be an accountant. He didn’t want to follow the career that had been chosen for him. As a result, he ended up founding a charity to help the vulnerable and homeless. After that he Read more about Dave Heffernan on Armed Robbery and life choices[…]

4N Tamworth Breakfast gets creative

I heard that Sam Pratt from Captive North (captivenorth.co.uk) was coming down to Tamworth to give his 4sight called “Where’s my lightbulb?” all about being creative, so I headed along as I am a fan of his work. Sam started off by telling everyone that they had a creative side to including those who thought they Read more about 4N Tamworth Breakfast gets creative[…]